CEO & Co-founder – Kaj Roos

Kaj is responsible for maintaining the Gainwise vision, and ensuring that executive decisions are made in accordance with the company vision and future growth plans.

Kaj is an ambitious visionary who has dedicated his entire career to the financial services industry.  With a Master of Science degree in International Business from the University of Derby, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from HAMK Häme University of Applied Sciences.

He is a well-known retail banking expert with firsthand experience in investment advisory and product development.   His extensive experience has given him insightful knowledge with various asset classes such as equities, bonds, forex markets and cryptocurrencies.  When first introduced to cryptocurrencies in 2014, he immediately saw the potential behind the technology and a vision for the future of wealth management. 

Furthermore, Kaj is a born leader who firmly believes that technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence holds a great promise and will eventually offer a solution for many industry problems. By utilizing his subject matter expertise an(d customer-centric approach to business, Kaj will lead Gainwise forward and aims to set new standards for retail banking experience.



COO & Co-founder – Sumana Mallick 

Sumana is responsible for establishing and shaping the backbone of Gainwise.  She is running the corporate functions, builds a proper governance structure and ensures that the tech and commercial teams can work together efficiently.

Sumana is an expert in the finance and investment industry and a true entrepreneur at heart.  Her training and education began with a bachelor’s degree in statistics from Delhi University, followed by a master’s degree in economics at the University of Leeds.  An angel investor herself, she enjoys working and mentoring startups which lead her to start her own company.

Sumana has extensive understanding of the financial markets and investment strategies.  Such understanding and experience come from her experience working at some of the world’s most well-known corporations such as Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, Burgan Bank and the Confederation of Indian Industry. Sumana brings priceless knowledge and experience to the Gainwise team.


CTO – Stefano Tempesta

Stefano will lead our product team and oversee the execution of an innovative investment platform driven by our customers wants and needs.

A technology manager with 20 years of experience in software architecture design and development, Stefano is an author, a public speaker, a blogger, an event organizer and an ambassador of beautiful software. His interests extend to microservice architectures, as well as blockchain and A.I. related technologies.

One of the only 160 of the world’s top technology visionaries, Microsoft Regional Directors, he was chosen specifically for his proven cross-platform expertise, community leadership and commitment to business results, and doubles as a Microsoft MVP (Most Valued Professional) for A.I. and Business Applications categories.

Stefano holds a Bachelor of Science, with a focus on Information Technology from the University of Provident and a Global MBA from the London School of Business and Finance. A passionate traveler and an avid learner of new technologies and (programming) languages, Stefano brings a can-do & positive-thinking attitude to Gainwise. People around him say he lives at a different speed.


CFO – Fernando Gamonal

Fernando is responsible for properly forecasting our financial future, and ensuring that our company is funding our growth in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

With over 20 years of experience, Fernando will lead Team Gainwise as Chief Financial Officer.  His natural understanding of business ranging from small to mid-sized companies all the way up to enterprise corporations, lead him to take on many executive positions with world class companies like American Express and Hewlett-Packard.

Fernando holds a Master of Science in Business and Economics, an MBA and is a CFA® charter holder. In addition, he is experienced in the startup world, having founded his own company and being a Business Angel. Fernando’s motivation to join Gainwise is driven by the strong belief in the team and the possibilities of Blockchains as a game changer for the world economies in the years to come.


CLO – Martin Weiss 

Martin is responsible for providing legal guidance, ensuring our organization is legally compliant, and communicating regulation updates to our company executive team.

Martin holds a master’s degree in law and has gained his legal experience working in Higher Regional Court in Vienna as well as in a well-known law firm in Liechtenstein. His 10+ year career in the financial industry started as an expert for the new legal and compliance regulations. He served as COO and Deputy Head Legal and Compliance for global financial institutions such as Credit Agricole Cheuvreux, CIC Banque Pasche and Quilvest ltd in Zurich.

His career experience lead him to conclude that the most efficient way to merge compliance with customer friendly identification, investment and controlling processes is by creating a fully systemized process through the utilization of modern technology combined with professional expertise.

Martin’s in-depth knowledge and unique experience will allow him to finally develop a concept that enables us to transform compliance and legal matters into a competitive advantage. With the conviction that technology is part of the solution, he is dedicated to delivering a legal framework which satisfies the authorities, supports the business and shelters the client


Gainwise Advisors


Miklos Vidak

Miklos Vidak 

Miklos will be responsible for consulting Gainwise on areas related to banking and asset management to continually improve related workflow processes and procedures.

Miklos Vidak is a seasoned executive in banking and asset management. His career spans over 20 years in the financial services industry, of which the last eight years in COO functions. He has worked with some of the world’s leading banking and finance corporations such as Ruvercap, Globalance Bank, J.P. Morgan and Julius Baer.

Miklos also serves as Advisor of the Zurich-based RegTech start-up Atfinity which provides innovative digital solutions for regulatory challenges of banks and asset managers. He is a representative of “Banking 2.0“with a sense for market trends and innovation, expertise and great interest in digitalization and FinTech.

Miklos’ experience in the finance and asset management industry, combined with his entrepreneurial mindset brings a timeless knowledge base and a futuristic vision of finances coupled with modern technology.